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Since the end of summer 2015, there has been a small shop operating in Hastings, East Sussex. The shop is called Grand Rue de Pera. The name comes from the best known street of old Istanbul. Life in Istanbul used to revolve around Pera. People from all continents, from every corner of the world used to meet there. It was one of the biggest hubs where east met west. If Istanbul had been a living organism, Grand Rue de Pera would have been it’s heart and soul.

Times have changed, Istanbul has changed, and Grand Rue de Pera has changed too. When the republic was born out of the ashes of the Ottoman Empire, it was renamed “Istiklal Caddesi” and so the wonderful name Grand Rue de Pera with its cosmopolitan feel was sadly lost.

At the present time in Hastings, East Sussex, Grand Rue de Pera has been reborn as a small shop; it aims to carry the smell, flavour, atmosphere and colour of the Grand Rue de Pera.

At least we try anyway.

Do not hesitate come in, have a cup of Turkish coffee its our treat, our hospitality

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Grand Rue de Pera

Grand Rue de Pera reborn in Hastings maybe its only several squaremeters but it has all the taste, smell and hospitality of the historic Grand rue de Pera.

73-74 Queens road Hastings